We all have special talents to share. Champion Youth serves as the catalyst — bring your talents, your time and your energy and volunteer in your own special way. We never turn away any volunteer because without volunteers, we would not be able to raise funds and sponsor the sports, theatrical arts and recreation activities that have long been a part of our outreach programs. Volunteers are critical to our success! Volunteers who devote time and energy to our cause are just as important to us as the contributors who write us a check.

We need volunteers willing to work in the office making phone calls or writing letters.  We need volunteers to work on our fundraising events doing everything from concept to conclusion. Volunteers are the backbone of our organization.

Just remember, every effort you make as a volunteer ultimately benefits the children. That is our work; that is our goal.

We do appreciate everyone who helps in any way!

Champion Youth Outreach Programs
P.O. Box 535
Newport Beach, California 92661

(949) 630-3556
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