We are all profoundly affected by the natural and social environment in which we live. This includes the environment of our individual families, our jobs, our schools and churches and our local communities.

One of the Champion Youth goals is to create an environment in which our children can nurture a commitment to lifelong physical fitness and a health-conscious lifestyle. Another goal is to create a refuge “off the streets” where children can gather after school and on weekends to learn and play sports or other recreation activities. Champion Youth also strives to create a positive and inspiring environment in which students learn (1) trust because they feel it in the relationship between instructors and students; (2) mutual respect because they see it demonstrated in the relationship between instructors and students and among each other; and (3) how to establish and achieve personal goals because participation in our sponsored programs provides the opportunity to master and progress in a particular skill set.

We are proud of our ability to influence the environment of our students in a remarkable way that will carry them not only through childhood but throughout their lives.